About the Bees and the Beekeeper


Omas honey is produced by happy honey bees in Corbett, Oregon. Pam Arion is the loving beekeeper who tends to her hives. These bees pollinate the organic flower farm on the land -TanagerFarm.org

unnamed unnamed  family of bees

2 thoughts on “About the Bees and the Beekeeper

  1. Your site is looking great! I’m planning to use your honey at the next brunch on October 11. I’ll be making some honey butter and serving it with chestnut brown butter scones. Thanks again!


  2. Barbara Heffel

    What a wonderful bee farm! I recently visited from Texas, and was able to see the bees; what a treat to witness their hives and see them gather pollen from the organic flowers! Pam carefully tends to her bees, and they in turn give delicious honey! I ate some straight from the spoon, and also on toast. Now we are the grateful owners of several jars of Omas Honey, and look forward to sharing it with others. Thank you!


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